Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SWATA Opportunity

Dear Group, I would like to talk about a few things that will lead up to a wonderful opportunity that will be offered at SWATA this year, and sponsored by the Young Professional Committee. As most of you know, the state is in a huge financial crisis and school districts are taking a large part of the hit to fix the problem. My district for one is facing a massive deficit and unfortunately athletic trainers are being discussed as possible cuts to make up the difference. Its only a matter of time that a large number of athletic trainers across the state will feel the pressure that my co-workers are feeling. That being said, there is a real chance that multiple athletic trainers will be looking for work in the near future. I know that not the entire group that follows this blog are secondary school athletic trainers. Some of you may be based out of a clinic, or a physician extender. The economic impact may have already reached some of you. If not, you will most certainly see the effects soon. Those of you in other practice settings may also see of feel the effects of the slow economy. Some of our readers are not even professionals yet. If you are a student, this most certainly pertains to you. You may be about to enter into one of the toughest job markets in a long time. I ask that if you are a student, to please pay attention to the current events and latest news. Having the knowledge of what is going on when and where, could give you an edge on the next person that you will compete with for a job. It could also effect you decision of what to do after graduation. Maybe its not time to get that first "real job". Maybe its time to stay in school and get your graduate degree, or try a completely different rout that leads you to a successful career in athletic training. Now that's enough of paint a dark picture of the future. The Young Professional Committee will be sponsoring a Mock Interview Session during the SWATA Annual Meeting this Summer in Houston. Below is some information about the Mock Interview session to help you get a better idea of what its all about. If you have any questions feel free to use the contact information below.

Register for the student symposium at the 2011 SWATA annual meeting in Houston, TX July 13-16 to have the opportunity of a lifetime!!!

Athletic Training & Administrative Professionals will be conducting mock interviews
that will allow you to:
 Present your resume
 Get constructive feedback on your interviewing skills
 Interact with seasoned athletic training professionals and young professionals
 Practice professional dress and speaking
 Learn tips from a communications professional
Questions??? Email Kelley Henderson:

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