Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Using LinkedIn

In today’s world, we have multiple ways to communicate with others. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to SnapChat, there are tons of different means of communication with friends and family. LinkedIn was best described to me as “professional Facebook”. You can go on LinkedIn and create a profile that includes all education, work experience, certifications and volunteer opportunities. This profile will give you access to all of the information and opportunities available by LinkedIn. You can connect to groups in order to receive updates and news. You can look at interesting news articles that apply to you in your particular industry. 

You can also reach out to other individuals for networking. I’ve used LinkedIn to advance my career. I’ve used it to reach out to mentors, keep up with friends and family, and continue connections I’ve made in the workplace, as well as advertise myself to future employers. I’ve created a quick to-do list for all of those who are new to LinkedIn.

1.       Get a LinkedIn Profile
2.       Get a PROFESSIONAL photo (no party photos!)
3.       Update your work experience and educational information
a.       Undergraduate Work
b.      Graduate Work
c.       Research Experience
d.      Any other relevant work information
e.      Certifications
4.       Connect with all co-workers in order to build your “connections”
5.       Reach out to your connection’s connections
6.       Personalize your “Pulse”
a.       Basically, this is the stream of news articles suggested for you based on your industry
7.       Join a group
a.       National Athletic Trainers’ Association
8.       Talk about it!
a.       No one knows you have a LinkedIn if you don’t bring it up!

In today’s job search, everything can be “googled”. This can either help you or hurt you. Let LinkedIn help you in your next job search today. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, GET A LINKEDIN!! This is such a great resource that can be tapped into by Young Professionals in order to move forward in your career.

-Roger Sancho


Board of Certification said...

Make sure to find the Board of Certification (BOC) on LinkedIn also to find updates and articles about the athletic training profession. https://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=3450140

Board of Certification said...
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