Monday, February 21, 2011


We have discussed many times in this forum about the importance of membership

NATA, SWATA and your state associations represent you.  To the media, to the public at large, and to our local, state and federal government.

It is important, no imperative, that you are aware of what is going on and how it will effect you and our profession.  These professional organizations are acting on your behalf whether you are a member or not and their actions can impact you, the athletic trainer, greatly.

Mostly these actions are for the better, but sometimes they aren't.  Is it important enough for you to engage and act?

"No taxation without representation" was the cry that rang out when the colonists felt they were being treated unjustly.  Well, I assure you the representation is there, it is our job to make sure that these representatives get our perspective so they can represent.

Currently there are 2 bills going before the Texas Congress, one already in committee(not filed by TSATA, but they are looking for feedback) and one should be filed this week, that DIRECTLY effect athletic trainers in Texas.

HR 332 - Relating to the licensure of athletic trainers

SB 835-TSATA Concussion Bill

It is not the role of this committee or me to influence your opinions on things of this nature, but rather to educate you on issues that are important to YPs. Please take the time to educate yourself about this legislation and make your thoughts known to your TSATA representative.


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