Friday, March 1, 2013

National Athletic Training Month 2013! #AT4EveryBody #NATM2013

Happy National Athletic Training Month 2013! Every Body Needs an Athletic Trainer!

Springtime is one of the busiest times of year for a secondary school athletic trainer so it’s nice to take some time to remember why we love what we do.  I was recently out on maternity leave and was given time to truly see why I decided to be an athletic trainer. 

I work with a wonderful athletic trainer that made sure I did not feel any guilt or have any worries while I was out and he took over all of my work duties.  I am very grateful to be able to work with someone like this that was constantly reminding me that my family came first, he worked extra taking care of all of our athletes and still made time to come visit my family and wish us well while I was out.  You see it’s what athletic trainers do; they take care of each other because every body needs an athletic trainer.

I also get to work with great student athletes.  For example, while out on leave a student athlete that I had spent many hours over the last two years working with in rehabilitation from two different surgeries contacted me, begging that I attend the last home game of the season and her senior night.  I was so touched that she wanted me there to watch her compete in her last home game, but just before the game she publicly thanked me over the loud speakers for helping her return competition.  I did all I could not to tear up! We work each day as athletic trainers never expecting a thank you and when you receive one, in that manner, it’s the greatest feeling especially when you get to watch them achieve their goals after sitting out so long. We get the opportunity to help an athlete through tough times, we push them physically, mentally and emotionally to help them get back to sport and activity that they love, seeing them return is really the only thank you we need! Student athletes need athletic trainers; every body needs an athletic trainer.  

I work with crazy and fun coaches. My office door is always open (whenever I am actually in it) and one of my favorite things when a coach steps in just to vent a little or a lot.  As athletic trainers we are often to sounding board and safe spot for coaches to vent about a rough day, hard fought loss, frustrating athlete or anything else on there mind.  Coaches need athletic trainers, every body needs athletic trainers.

I get to work with an awesome nurse. At our school the nurses and athletic trainers try to work closely with each other to provide care for all of the students and staff on campus.  We try to use each others strengths in different situations; we are called in most emergencies and for musculoskeletal injuries and all concussions that occur on campus.  So the student body needs athletic trainers, the nurse needs athletic trainers, every body needs athletic trainers.

I love being an athletic trainer, working with a variety of people and caring for variety of different needs. 

Share why you love your job and why every body needs an athletic trainer #AT4EveryBody #NATM2013

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