Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spell Check People

As young professionals, we often find ourselves moving between jobs in order to find our "nitch,” or to have families, before we settle in for the long haul.  That means resumes.  Resumes, resumes, resumes.  Oh, and cover letters. 
Why in the world, as a candidate vying for a position, would you not triple check your resume and cover letter before sending it in?  Why would you not have a friend or family member do the same?  If your resume is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes, as well as formatting errors, then you do not look as professional on paper and someone who has their stuff together.  This could really hurt you, in that you could get passed on a phone or in-person interview.  Which means your could-be employer would never get to see how awesome you are off paper. 
I realize spell check does not always catch everything, which is why another set of eyes is the best bet.  Also, knowing when to use the proper forms of “their” “there,” and “they’re” is not only helpful when writing a resume, but also for communication in general.
Spell check!  It's there for a reason!

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